Jen Smith

CFO @ Jen Smith Consulting

Jen is a seasoned Siesta Key entrepreneur, a dedicated dietician, and a health coach. Her attention to living a balanced life with purpose has led to success both professionally and personally. After 15 years in business, Jen is now aiding others in their pursuit of happiness offering business consulting, motivational speaking, and outcome-driven coaching. Jen’s contagious desire to educate and empower women along with her drive to collaborate with other entrepreneurs motivates all who come in contact with her. Add in being a mom, a partner, a philanthropist, and a dedication to constant self growth, there is never a dull moment with Jen. Living real, raw, and uncut, Jen lives what she teaches and believes fortune favors the bold.  Jen is a hustler and body states when you do the work, serve and support others authentically, speak your truth, and elevate others, the universe supports your every move.