Jennifer Ball

Complimentary Candles @ Monalisa Candles

Monalisa Candles was established in September 2020 by Sarasota native Jennifer Ball, as a means to lift the spirits of those who were affected by the challenges we faced this year. Her story with Monalisa Candles began as a meditative search to find her own light during the difficult times of the past few months. Through a meditation session, it occurred to her that as one candle can light up a room, she could also be her own light that inspires positivity and hope through her thoughts and actions. So then began the idea for Monalisa Candles.

Monalisa Candles are a one of a kind boutique style scented soy candle with botanicals and crystals on top infused with glitter that shimmers when lit. It is the hope that when you light your Monalisa Candle and watch its glow and glitter shimmer, you will be reminded that you are a unique being with your own special glow and that once you ignite the fire within, you will be amazed at how YOU glitter, glow, grow and shine.