Savannah Silliphant

Reiki Healer @ Reiki by Savannah

Reiki Healer, Savannah Silliphant, began her own healing journey in 2012 with research of mindset over matter, meditation, crystals, and tarot. Once at an all-time low and diagnosed with ADHD and depression, Savannah knew she needed to learn to heal; to create a way in rather than a way out. And then after a near-death experience giving birth to her daughter, Savannah was gifted with a new perspective and was truly ready to devote herself to discovering her true potential and to leading a life of love and happiness. All that she had previously learned was amplified and reenergized.

Savannah is now a certified Level II Reiki Healer and loves sharing her gifts. In harnessing Source energy to provide Reiki healings on others, Savannah explains one can experience energy shifts which allow increased awareness and the balance of mind, body, and spirit and will provide an overall feeling of “one-ness.”