2022 RELEASE DATE COMING SOON! The Metamorphosis Retreat SARASOTA, FL

Do you feel that you deserve and are meant for better? Perhaps in your personal relationships, your career or business growth, your finances, or your everyday state of happiness and fulfillment?

Siesta Key reality TV star, Chloe Trautman, international artist, Alexis Fraser (aka. Lipstick Lex), and entrepreneur, coach, and speaker, Jen smith are three powerful women from different generations, backgrounds, upbringings and careers paths.  This dynamic trio has joined forces to deliver a one-of-a-kind impactful retreat to give you the skill sets needed to design your life into the masterpiece you want it to be. The Metamorphosis Retreat is a transformational and safe space to turn inward, connect, and fall in love with yourself again. We explore health, wellness, mindset, spirituality, self development, body awareness, business, and all the superpowers we possess as women.

Come learn from a thoughtful line up of experts, healers, practitioners, and business women to transform, expand your mind, build relationships, network, and level up in all areas of your life. Open your hearts and get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

Metamorphosis Retreat, Spring 2022!


Alexis Fraser

Alexis Fraser is a self-made visual artist, who despite the odds for success and society constantly trying to veer her from her path of passion and into a “stable” career, Alexis set out to defy the odds and discover her soul’s purpose, thus leading her towards a fulfilling and abundant career as unconventional artist and designer; aka, Lipstick Lex.

Lex discovered her unique art form, utilizing lipstick and her personal kisses in 2012 but never quite had a clear direction of what to do with it until 2017. It was at this point in time that Lex experienced her “enough is enough” mentality and was ready for clarity. She soon after embarked on a path of self development, self discovery and opened her mind and her heart into spirituality.

With this new knowledge, a positive and winning mindset, helpful guides and tools to apply to her personal life and business growth along the way, Lex was able to discover her purpose and mold a successful brand that is a reflection of everything she believes in; love for others, self-love, affection, self expression, personal empowerment, and heaps of joy!

While Lex is running a successful creative business that has taken her across the globe and granted her numerous TV and press appearances as well as highly reputable projects and collaborations, Lex is also a wife and a mother of 2 children who need her love and attention as much as Lex needs this from herself. She fully understands the struggle of juggle and the importance of filling your own cup in order to share your love and time with those around you who matter most.

Lex is overjoyed to share her experience and wisdom she’s learned along the way while providing a safe space for our fellow sisterhood to connect, learn and grow from one another.

Lex believes that in order for us to elevate efficiency and effectively, that we must be supportive from a place of love, zero judgement and helpful insight. By doing so, we not only expedite the process in helping ourselves, but by helping each other. Why rise alone when we can rise together!

Chloe Trautman

Chloe Trautman is  a main cast member on the MTV reality show Siesta Key. You might be wondering how you could learn anything at a wellness retreat from a reality star other than how to party and fight with your friends. Back in June of 2020, Chloe encountered a massive spiritual awakening where her grandmother, who had passed away, came and spoke to her about her life and what she was meant to be doing.

It was then that Chloe embarked on her soul searching, spiritual journey and has since done a 180 in her personal development. She stopped partying, surrounding herself with toxic people, and took control of her life. She expresses her utmost gratitude for her transformation, because she discovered how lost she had been, and is now living up to her fullest potential.

Chloe has learned so much and has acquired and applied healthy habits along her journey. Losing 40 pounds and gaining what it truly means to be unapologetically HER. Chloe started an online wellness coaching platform called, Concept By Chloe, which focuses on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. You can receive personal one-on-one coaching or attend weekly group sessions to help level up in all areas of your life. When she made the decision to embark on this spiritual journey, all the right people started to flood into her life – giving her confirmation that she was on the right path.

She is looking forward to connecting to and guiding all those who seek to evolve into the best version of themselves. Chloe’s main mission is to help you see that you are deserving of the time to heal yourself and spend time getting to know who you truly are, so that you can emerge into the big beautiful butterfly that you are meant to be.

Jen Smith

Jen Smith is breaking through barriers! Guiding women from what society says they should be into what and who they are. From business consulting to health coaching, speaking, and educating, Jen is all about collaborating and living her best life.

Jen’s private practice serves productive female entrepreneurs focusing on health, life, and business coaching. With an outcome driven coaching style the process is simplified and streamlined for success. Believing that fortune favors the bold, Jen leads women in discovering the power that is waiting to surface within them. She is committed to guiding as many women as she can; empowering them to fall in love with themselves! Jen harnesses her femininity and the power of being a woman to encourage, uplift, educate, and inspire women from all walks of life.

As an entrepreneur of 17 years and with 30 years of experience in both the clinical and practical setting, Jen’s background as a Clinical Dietician allows her to consult with a wide range of challenges – from women desiring more energy to women with serious medical conditions. With the mindset that our bodies and minds harness more power than most of us realize, Jen and her team are here to guide you, educate you, and walk along side of you every step of the way.

Her dedication to serving the women of the community and collaborating with business owners has been opening doors and she is just getting started!  “Linking arms with women in business has shown me, without a doubt, we are stronger together!”  Jen is a mother, a partner, a philanthropist, a community activist, loves the salt water and the country, and embodies constant self growth.


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